aerc and goneovim


I started to use aerc as a command line email client. At first I used its archived Github repository but the software was buggy. Then the real repository gave me the fastest processing IMAP client I’ve ever had. Asynchronous operations make the workflow very smooth and you don’t wait the server for each deleted/archived mail.


I also began using a neovim GUI called goneovim. Formerly I was using Neovim-GTK for this but somehow (either from Fira Code’s ligatures or some kind of incompatibility) the visuals were ugly and there was some lag. I’m giving a try to this new gui and at first sight it seems Fira Code and its ligatures work fine here.

Software written in Go began to take much mind share than I previously consider. Along with hugo, miniflux self hosted RSS client and mouthful comment server, these two show that Go took off for almost all system and performance related tasks.

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