I'll start a new series to record my Xvc development progress. I think it's nice to have dialog between 🐒 and πŸ‡ to explain the decisions and progress. These will be published in my personal blog for now. In the future, we can have a dedicated blog for this.

πŸ‡ LGTM. I think you can also link to commits here when they occur.

🐒 I think that's a bit too much work but PR's may be linked.

πŸ‡ Ok. Let's start with the PRs. What do you work on these days?

🐒 I started fixing warnings in https://github.com/iesahin/xvc/issues/3 and now fixing missing documentation warnings.

πŸ‡ Do you really think that we'll have a use for [RMNStore] in the future?

🐒 I'm not sure. Possibly any M-N relationship can be tracked by two 1-N relationships. Under the hood this is what RMNStore does actually.

πŸ‡ Maybe we should just remove it.

🐒 I want to save it for the time being. If [xvc-ecs] will be used in other places, it may be needed.

πŸ‡ Ok. Probably YAGNI, but let's keep it for the time being.

🐒 Writing documentation may be a debugging method too. I think I've found the reason for a bug here

πŸ‡ Umm, how could it lead to a bug?

🐒 Insert mean new event happened. But when converting a VStore to an XvcStore, new events are not happening. We are simply converting from one store to another.

πŸ‡ That means, they are added to XvcStore::current events, not XvcStore::previous , and when save_dir is called, they are saved.

🐒 Yeah, that was the bug. Time to time I was seeing duplicate JSON files.

πŸ‡ Then maybe it's better to limit all insert usage.

🐒 Yeah, I should review that too.

πŸ‡ Added a bug report .

🐒 I'm installing cargo-geiger to show that there is no unsafe code.

πŸ‡ Do you think you'll maintain Xvc that way? It won't require any unsafe code?

🐒 Maintain the forbidden(unsafe) status? I think so. Xvc doesn't seem to need any unsafe blocks by itself. Most of the dependencies may need though.

πŸ‡ Working on it. and will be merged today.

🐒 I worked about that s3cmd bug yesterday and it turned out that my modification on the configuration was the cause.

πŸ‡ You were thinking that it's about R2 all along?

🐒 I should suspect with my custom config more.

πŸ‡ Anyway, congratulations 🌠 that Xvc now has Cloudflare R2 support.