Xvc Devlog 221031

🐇 It’s the last day of October. How are you doing mister?

🐢 Yep. It was a nice October. I would like to finish by increasing the coverage.

🐇 How about setting up a runner on your machine to test them locally?

🐢 Not now. I should fix the test as always. Later I can take a look at it. I don’t want to distract myself with it.

🐇 You’ll need to create Apple Silicon binaries, though.

🐢 I think I can cross-compile for aarch.

🐇 You were doing this in the past, trying to build all binaries on a single Ubuntu VM. It didn’t work, as far as I remember.

🐢 I even didn’t read this section then and there is a dedicated project for it. The proper way is to use that. I’ll return to this after fixing the tests. I think we can release Xvc in all platforms supported by Rust.

🐇 Using cross-rs on Github Actions may be challenging. It seems Apple Silicon doesn’t need that much work either. You can setup cross-compilation with rustup targets.

🐢 Yeah. It looks so. Let’s take a look at the previous devlog.

🐇 The page seems missing. Would you like to fix your site first?

🐢 Ah, yeah. I should, maybe. Now it’s time to fix those PRs. I’ll take care of the site later. I should change the theme anyway.

🐇 Ok. Let’s take a look at outstanding PRs

🐢 I want to fix the failed tests locally first. Yesterday I wasn’t able to redirect the output. It looks the correct way of doing it is cargo test --all-features --no-fail-fast > $TMPDIR/xvc-test.log 2>&1. It’s required to put 2>&1 at the end, not between the redirection and output.

🐇 There is also &> operator that you may want to use. cargo test --all-features --no-fail-fast &> $TMPDIR/xvc-test.log should be equivalent to this.

🐢 I’ll try it when the tests finish.

🐇 In the meantime you can work to fix the documentation. In another repository, perhaps.

🐢 Good idea. Let me clone that.

🐇 Looks the tests has finished and the only error is Minio. It couldn’t find the env variables you defined.

🐢 Restarted the shell and the tests. Returned to docs now.

🐢 Added a few function docs. Storage tests seems to pass. Probably they will fail in GA, because of rsync tests using one.emresult.com login in my name.

🐇 If that’s expected, you can push and begin to fix it.

🐢 Yeah, let’s push the tests.

🐢 It looks connecting to localhost also poses a challenge. Instead I can create a user for xvc on the server and limit its usage.

🐇 Hmm. Good idea for now.

🐢 I created a new user xvc-test@one.emresult.com and its SSH keys. I’ll update the action to write the secret to the keyfile.

🐇 Looks you forgot to install mc for Minio connection.

🐢 Yeah, I must convert Minio tests to use s3cmd.

🐇 And your region in s3 configuration seems to be wrong.

🐢 I’ll need to check this.

🐇 There is this line in the tests let region = env::var("AWS_DEFAULT_REGION").unwrap_or("us-east-1".to_string()); that’s probably causing that error. You should define the region properly.

🐢 I set this to eu-central-1 directly and will check minio error in the next session.

🐇 👏

🐢 It’s working except the rsync tests now.

🐇 I think you can just use localhost to run the tests. You may need to install openssh-server, but it should work with localhost without configuration.

🐢 There may be a step missing in the configuration. I’ll try to make it run.

🐢 I’m trying to use .ssh/config in GA to allow connections to the server. It doesn’t work for some reason.

🐇 You may try to login to server outside of the tests and check if it’s running.

🐢 Yesterday’s last try was successful and now we have working remote storage tests.

🐇 👏👏👏🥳

🐢 I’m merging the PR.

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