Development Journal for 127th Sedruz

Posted on Çrş 02 Temmuz 2014 in old • 1 min read

Development progress of 12700

Dervaze için bir logo yaptım. Eminim bu kapıların mimarîsi ve farkları tarihte önemli bir yer tutuyor. Bununla beraber, gözüme güzel gelen gibi bir ölçü kullandım daha iyisini yapıncaya kadar.

Wed Jul 2 23:59:00 EEST 2014

I should fix the task presenter's regular expression that filters : signs. Maybe I can just control the links instead of trying to filter irrelevant files. Without links, there are no tasks.

Sun Jul 20 16:52:04 EEST 2014

It might be easier to check rules of auto-converter for Ottoman by the words in the lexicon. If it's able to produce words we type correctly for most of the lexicon and if we can mark the exceptions so, then it is worthwhile to convert this to that.