Paper Review: HMM-Based Alignment of Inaccurate Transcriptions for Historical Documents

Authors: Andreas Fischer, Emanuel Indermühle, Volkmar Frinken and Horst Bunke


  • error tolerant
  • DTW
  • HMM
  • inaccurate transcriptions
  • Parzival
  • DoG
  • string alignment
  • keyword spotting
  • Viterbi

Q1: What's the measure for success of alignment?

The measure for success is (words − deletions − insertions − substitutions)/(words) . It gives the accuracy of alignment.

Q2: What are the features used in keyword spotting?

Q3: How Viterbi algorithm is employed?

Q4: What does the first pass receive and produce?

Q5: What are the input and output of second pass?

Q6: What are the input and output of third pass?

Q7: How are the results?

Q8: Does the technique modified to be used in divan work?