When `y` and `p` commands in IdeaVim doesn't work

Posted on Çrş 14 Şubat 2018 in new • 1 min read

I began using IdeaVim plugin for Android Studio, some time ago. It's nice, but as a Vim newbie, I wasn't aware that Vim doesn't use system (Windows, macOS, XWindow, etc.) clipboard for copy/paste by default. So when you use y command in IdeaVim, it doesn't paste to other applications …

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The Sorry State of NDK testing in Android

Posted on Prş 08 Şubat 2018 in new • 1 min read

I'm writing a C library to use in Android, iOS and Python applications. Although the C library has its own unit tests, I wanted to write a few more to ensure that data transfer between C and Android layers are correct.

In Android, one needs to put unit test files …

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Regular and Recurring Tasks in todo.txt

Posted on Sal 06 Şubat 2018 in new • 1 min read

I'm using todo.txt format to keep some of my daily tasks. It's a plain text format and both iOS and Android has apps, like SimpleTasks. Emacs and Vim has support for the format too. Actually you don't need a special editor for it, the format is so simple that …

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Progress on Ottoman Translation - 2018-6. Week.

Posted on Pzt 05 Şubat 2018 in new • 3 min read

Some of the following posts will be like TODO list for the coming months. What am I planning with dervaze and its mobile versions. As I have become mostly a solo developer, I'll share my experience with the problem here to shed light for those interested.

The technology for Ottoman …

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A Restart

Posted on Pzt 05 Şubat 2018 in new • 1 min read

It's been a while, a few years, that I've updated this site. I had some of my technical writing elsewhere, but I've decided that I can restart updating here as well.

I've moved the site to Pelican and moved older writings here. Much of the content is out of my …

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CV as of February 2019

Posted on Pzt 01 Ocak 2018 in new • 2 min read

Personal Info


Ibadullah Emre Sahin

Work Address:

Teknokrat Yazilim A.S. Yahsibey Mh. Yahsibey Ck. No: 8 Bursa Turkey


15 July 1979, Ankara Turkey







+90 532 261 8985

Work Experience

  • Various small programming projects during high school. (1995-1998 …

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