Merging all Tmux windows in a single session

I’m using a new Tmux session for each day. In time, I noticed sessions proliferate and I may need some of the windows from earlier sessions in a central place.

This script merges all windows in all Tmux sessions in a single session. You must specify the session to collect all as a parameter. If you save the script as merge-tmux-sessions.zsh, you can run it like:

merge-tmux-sessions.zsh my-current-session

and it will move all windows under the session you specify.


# set -vuex
#  Specify the target session


# Get the list of all sessions

sessions=$(tmux list-sessions -F '#S')

# Iterate through each session

for session in ${(@f)sessions}; do
    if [ "$session" != "$target_session" ]; then
        # Get the list of windows in the current session
        windows=$(tmux list-windows -t $session -F '#I')

        # Move each window to the target session
        for window in ${(@f)windows}; do
            tmux move-window -s ${session}:${window} -t ${target_session}


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