The Evelyn Wood 7 Day Speed Reading Program

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Mental Soaring:

You must learn to see and accept the words and phrases out of their normal expectancy order.

Accept visual, as opposed to auditory, reassurance as you read

Learn to read vertically

Understand the gestalt fo what you read

There are five comprehension levels: (1) Preview (2) 2 sec/page (3) 4 sec/page (4) slightly faster than comfort (5) fast and comfortable. Comprehension rates are (1) 10% (2) 20% (3) 40-60% (4) 60-80% (5) 80%

Evelyn discovered the hand-motion concept as she was brushing dirt off a book that she had tossed down on the ground. In cleaning off each page, she began to read simultaneously at supersonic speeds -- and thus the Wood hand-motion concept was born.

Hand movements: establish rhythm for eye movements. enhance concentration. prevent regression.

There is line by line hand movement. S hand movement. In both of these, 4 fingers are used. The question mark (?), the X, the L, the loop, the horseshoe, the U, the brush and the half-moon.

Recall patterns: Similar to mind maps. (But this book is older than them.)

Supersonic writing

Establish a point of view

Identify specific research material

compile all information

Reorganize information into One Master Recall Pattern

Write the first draft

Prepare the final draft

How fast can you write? The above method requires 35-45 hours for a 5000 word term homework.

You need to make drills and read a lot to keep higher speeds. It's possible to achieve 5000 wpm but it's harder to keep it.

Without practice everything decays.

Pre-exam principles

Avoid cramming

Manage anxiety

Operate at the test site as you have been studying


Read all instructions closely

Select appropriate technique

You know, you have to practice that hand motion and that layering. It may take only a few minutes to learn a technique but to master and maintain it demans regular attention.