devlog 3

Let’s begin this session by removing debug statements from both Xvc library and the Python bindings.

Another issue is the restart script. if in that script that restarts the server doesn’t work, it restarts the notebook server always.

I removed some println! statements from There doesn’t seem to be anything in the library related to outputs.

Let’s search how to check if a jupyter-lab command with the port 7979 runs in the background? !code

It looks the bug is in the condition, it’s not -s, it’s -z.

Oops, yeah.

Let’s make a bit of tidying and check if the script is fixed.

I have a clippy warning with new fn that says these usually don’t take self as a parameters. This is for pipeline new command and it receives a self as XvcPipeline object. It’s best to turn off clippy warning for this, it looks.

Allowed two clippy warnings and the script seems to work fine.

Let’s go on copying the content from Xvc Readme to the notebook.

There is an issue with the run-after-commit script. When Xvc commits the changes, the command we give is run again.

The issue is git initializes the directory in test-data/ dir, while xvc works in the current dir. I think we can either git init in the current dir or xvc init in test-data.

We’re already deleting .git and .xvc directories in start-readme script. I think it may be easier to update git init to just init in the current directory.

Yep, let’s do that way.

I see there are still extra output from the commands. We need to deal with this first.

Removed them but there are still pink outputs. These are from dbg! statements, it looks or we’re initializing the output thread incorrectly.

Fixed those as well. Wrote up xvc file list command examples as well. Now we have issues with xvc storage new s3 not running, and even not showing any debug output. We’ll deal with it in the next devlog though.

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