Org Mode Based Reproducible Research Pages

I use Emacs org mode for R based analysis of various research artifacts.

Most of these are incomplete or unsuccessful research examples.

Analysis of Cross Document Line Retrieval with Horizontal Projection and Block Pixel Histogram (w/o Normalization)

You can read the file from

Analysis of Cross Document Matching

I use 50 pages from 5 different copies of Fuzuli divans. Each page is a double page. In total, without any filtering, there are about 300K components in these pages...

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Analysis of Basic Features in 5 Copies of Fuzuli Divans

We have 5 copies of the seemingly same document, Fuzuli’s Divans. Here I will analyze some features of the parts I have extracted from these documents. The full divans contain 175 double pages, but I will use 10 pages from 5 to 14.

These five documents are labeled from =AEMNZ332= to =AEMNZ336=. All of them are binarized with an ImageMagick script and their components are extracted. The features are extracted from these components.

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Component Projection with DTW

The results are in

Analysis of Maximal Projection Feature

The results are in http://maximal-projection-analysis-12560/